Disclosure on our Biscotti :

They are a little bit smaller than the ones you usually find here in the US. The first time Giuditta saw a biscotti in a bakery here she thought “wow! that’s huge!” The ones you’ll find in the inside are more “Italian-sized.”  This also means that you can have 2 or 3 of them with your coffee or tea.

Almond Vanilla Biscotti

A classic taste, great for dunking

almond biscotti
There are as many Italian traditions as there are Italian households.  The almond and vanilla recipe follows Giuditta’s personal tradition.  The focus here is on the almonds (always whole!), and on the vanilla essence that binds everything together.
Lemon and pine nuts
lemon biscotti
Giuditta’s family’s house a few km south of Florence has huge pine trees in the garden.  The falling cones are a hazard, but she has also spent many summers collecting pine cones, pulling out the pine-nuts and then cracking the nuts open with a rock.  She loved eating the tiny treasure inside!  Likewise, there was a special area on the terrace reserved for potted citrus plants (its too cold in Florence to grow them in the ground).  We called this the Limonaia.  It smelled wonderful when the flowers were blooming!
Giuditta took these experiences and flavors from her own memories as the inspiration for our biscotti.  This isn’t about nostalgia, but about creating something new starting with pieces of the past.  We hope you’ll enjoy these biscotti, dipped in coffee, or in sweet wine after a meal, or every time you’re craving something sweet and crunchy.

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