About us

OUT OF TUSCANY LLC is Giuditta Pileri and Chris Tennant


My passion for baking was born in 2016 when I moved from Florence, Italy to Eugene Oregon with my husband Chris seeking a new place to build our home. We love being surrounded by nature, and the relaxed west-coast vibe.

I have always be in love with cooking and baking, with their power to bring people together and to tell stories about cultures and places. I lived the first 23 years of my life in the hills south of Florence, my life in rhythm with the grape and olive harvests and lots of gatherings of family and friends around seasonal dishes.

I believe that we take our culinary roots with us, however far we roam. Tuscan food is by nature extremely simple — full of flavor, with only a few good-quality ingredients. And his is how I approach food, no matter where I live, and no matter what local ingredients are at hand.

Our biscotti are not only an expression of myself and of my journey, but also a tool for conviviality.   A classic Tuscan recipe, evolving with ingredients that are, wherever possible, organic and Oregon local.

Chris :

I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada.  Growing up, we ate local seasonal food — vegetables, fruits and berries — when it was available, but there was also a lot of canned and frozen food too.  Throughout my life, I’ve learned to appreciate different local foods — fresh tortillas in Guatemala, curry in Malaysia, and a cornucopia of foods in Tuscany.

I’m thrilled to be a part of this project to nourish and develop Tuscan recipes here in Eugene, Oregon.

By training I’m an anthropologist and a software engineer.  I love growing and building things, and writing software to bring people together in new ways.